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  • Wuxi Friendship Paper Bag Making Machinery Co.,Ltd
    About Us
    Wuxi Tiantian Youqing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a modern private enterprise specializing on research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service. Our company has rich professional technology and experience of development and production cement paper bag machine, chemical packaging paper bag machine, valve bottom paper bag machine, small food packaging paper bag machine, medical packaging paper bag machine, and printing equipment.With strong technical force and excellent processing equipment  More...
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    Contact:Mr.Xu MB:13961778178 TEL:0510-82111961 / 88581762 FAX:0510-88581762 EMAIL:yt@yt121.com ADD:No.172,Hong Yun Road,Hong Shan Town,Xin Wu District,Wuxi City.

    paper bag machine
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